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I've experienced extreme knee pain for 3 year which quite bothering my activity and also neck pain. I went to several hospitals, Physiotherapist, and tried several treatments but it didn't change anything. It slowly gets worse. I had MRI and the result was shocking! I had Chronic Partial ACL tear, Chondromalacia Patella, bone bruise, etc. So my doctor suggested me to not doing any exercises except swimming. The fact was, I feel so much pain every time I swim. 

I can't imagine if I didn't meet Poppy (Glejita Yoga) and only doing swimming or doing wrong exercises, my knee probably will get worse. 

Many thanks to Glejita Yoga for introducing LYT Yoga Method to me. I've been to several yoga classes before, but this one is a bit different. I've learned a lot about what my body are capable of, i get to know myself better, i feel a lot healthier and stronger. And the most important thing is THE PAIN ON MY KNEE IS SLOWLY GONE! YEAYYY. Last week i went back to Orthopedic Specialist to check on my progress. I told the doctor about all the exercises I did and he agrees all those exercises are good for my healing progress, and that it should start to be my lifestyle from now on. For now i didn't even have to go back to the doctor anymore unless i'm in so much pain again. Thank you so much Glejita Yoga for helping me to get better. Words cannot express the gratitude i feel for you. I know this is only just the beginning, and i'm getting there 💪🏼 looking forward to get to know better about LYT Yoga Method 

"Poppy is such a dedicated Yoga teacher that explains thoroughly how the posture in the pose is correct and which muscles need to be activated in each pose. This makes the practice so effective. At the same time she doesn't push anyone in a pose if it doesn't work. I love her Yoga style and am so happy to be able to join her classes."

Celine, Bad Soden

" Before I practiced with Poppy, my Yoga’s knowledge was very shallow, not more than for relaxation and stretching. Poppy’s approach open my eyes that with proper techniques and by activating our core and muscles in every asana, we can build up our inner strength. I totally recommend glejita yoga. Namaste"  🙏🏼

Medy, Moldova

" I am a Yoga beginner. Poppy's class is "Yoga for everyone" that suits to the one who is new learning like me or you are the one who have already learned Yoga for sometimes. I am looking forward to her class every week to find tranquility. After knowing Yoga, it brings me so much joy and serenity to my life. Now I am learning how to connect my mind, body and soul back to balance. Namaste."

Debora, Darmstadt

" In Glejita Yoga class I experience a deeper meaning of yoga moves. Poppy explains and shows what to emphasize and put attention on the sequences. To understand the body. I enjoy her class very much. She is a cheerful and motivated person. She cares of sharing her knowledge of yoga to us."

Meita, Frankfurt

" Dear Poppy, our Yoga class mean a lot to me, I am always eager to attend them. Your easy going way, always with a smile on your face, makes the classes enjoyable and lovable. That is not to say they are easy classes but they are also not too hard. You are always encouraging us to do our best even it is not perfect. You teach us to give ourselves time and to forgive ourselves if we cannot manage a pose. Your explanations about the moves that we are doing are thorough and they help us understand what we are doing and why. Love you and your classes Poppy. I hope you'll be there when i'll make my first handstand".

Iulia, Liederbach

 " Every Yoga teacher has their own unique way to share their knowledge in the class but this one is one of those yoga classes that I really like to repeat again and again. Glejita Yoga is worth to try especially if you want to challange yourself to build strength, stay focus, concentrate and at the same time also to relax your body and soul. I highly recommend her Yoga classes. I'm honestly happy to join her classes with her interesting highlight in each classes. Thank you Poppy.. Namaste."

Tita, Bonn


"Glejita Yoga is definately for anyone and everyone. The only one expectations Poppy has are that you do your best. I have many orthopaedic issue and some of the reason I chose to do Yoga is to strengthen my body and increase my flexibility. There are many kinds of Yoga available but Poppy's knowledge of how the body works and the way she choreographs her sessions make her class the ultimate workout. Her sense of humor and casual attitude make you feel like you are hanging out with your best friend.During every session I can't help but pleasantly surprised at how quickly I can see the changes in my body. More flexibility and strength. I have also noticed how these things carry over into my daily life. I notice an immediate improvement in my posture and better spacial perception. After 2 sessions I can already stand straighter for longer and with less pain. Poppy's continuation of her education just shows how dedicated and passionate she is to help improve the quality of life of those around her. She is caring and compassionate and I am lucky to have found her."

Cristina, Bad Soden



I was working as a cleaner for 2.5 years and worked up to 27 hours per week before lockdown. I had supraspinatus substance tear on my right shoulder and tendonitis on my left elbow (tennis elbow) which caused me to resign from my job. I started feeling pain on my shoulder in early 2020 but I thought it was muscle strains (muscle pull) and it will go away in a few days, but it didn't.

Since I never took it seriously, I kept working but it got worse until I couldn't lift my arms up anymore and the pain was excruciating (shoulders, shoulder blades and bad headache). That is where I decided to see a doctor, went through ultrasound and xray and found out about my shoulder and my elbow.

I joined private sessions with Glejita Yoga, it was 1 hour per session, 2x a week. It was really intensive and I started from Big Zero.  I was already feeling better after the 1st session, the pain was still there but every time I did the exercises, my shoulder & shoulder blades felt very light and the pain was gone. Headaches are gone too. I have been shoulder PAIN FREE after the 4th session and elbow pain free after 6th session. I did 8 private sessions in total. I know this is not the end of it, I have to keep going not just to maintain them but also for my overall physical health and mental health.

To summon my sessions with Poppy, the founder of Glejita Yoga:


- She is caring, passionate and compassionate. She suffered from injuries in the past, so she knows how it feels. She has been there and cured. She is always thinking what's best for me. She is passionate about helping me (and others) to move freely and pain free. She is also very generous with her time. Our sessions are only 1 hour per session but she is always willing to answer my questions or show me other movements, just so I can fully understand.

- She has immense passion.

Doing yoga never ever passed my mind.

So I started from big zero. She guided me through from very basic movements until I am able to do some sequences. I surprise myself!

I love her encouragement.

When I was trying to be perfect while doing exercises, she told me "Progression over Perfection". So I don't have to feel ashamed if I can't really achieve certain movements yet. They will get better with continuous practice.


- She always brings her good sense of humor in every session. There were never boring sessions with her. It helps!!


- "Knowledge is Power". She is VERY knowledgeable and chooses the right exercises for me. She always explains to me why I have to do those movements and which muscle is working / activated when I do those movements. This is very important because I have no knowledge at all in this area. All the exercises she gave me never caused me pain.


My Huge Thank You to Poppy who has worked very hard to help me to where I am today, Pain Free!! Thank you very much, Poppy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can't Thank You enough! Health is Wealth and Pain Free is Life!!I will miss hearing you say "Good, Len!" when I can achieve certain movements. I know this is not a goodbye and we will be keeping in touch. Thank you so much, Poppy.  Keep doing what you are doing, focus on your mission and keep being You.


I would highly recommend Glejita Yoga to anyone who is looking to be pain free or to move better

Tita, Bonn

Back & Jaw pain. Balance issue from the bunion.

I used to have difficulty with my balance. It was so hard for me to be able to stand on 1 foot especially in some yoga poses like airplane or tree pose. It's been 1 year I join LYT yoga classes with Poppy for at least once or twice a week.The best thing that happens to me is not just my balancing getting better but also my Posture is getting so much better. I used to have extreme Anterior Pelvic tilt and it caused me back pain especially after long walk with Pitu (my dog). LYT yoga Method (Poppy as a teacher) helped me a lot in correcting my Posture and avoid injuries in yoga practice. I feel safe and I gain my strength slowly but surely. I also had Jaw pain on the right side for couple of years, but since my Posture is getting better, my Jaw pain is gone without I even noticed it. When Poppy asked me after couple of months practice, how's your jaw? Is it still hurt? I answered, ohhh I forgot about that cause the pain is gone. Once my Neck in a better position, the pain in my right jaw is gone. I'm more aware about my Posture now. If you are looking for the safe yoga practice to avoid injuries, to get better posture, to feel less pain in certain areas of your body, to know better about your body, try LYT yoga Method, especially try it with my dear friend Poppy, She is an amazing teacher, very patient and very detail in correcting each poses even in online class. For those who are interested in LYT yoga method, Poppy has online courses which you can access from all over the world. Thank you Poppy for helping me with my Posture, Balancing, strength, and many more..

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