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Move Better, Feel Better


Experience the benefit of LYT Yoga Method in a small group of class.

Fundamental 8 weeks program which is specially designed for you to learn the foundation and experience the benefit of LYT Yoga method, the only yoga created by a physical therapist to harness your power and be your best.



  • Learn the WHY behind every movement

  • Build up your strength

  • Improve your balance

  • Increase mobility & adaptability

  • Deepen your understanding of the body

  • Benefit from my personal tuition in an intimate group (maximum of 6 people in a group)

  • Have fun with your group and me! and feel amazing!

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 "joined Poppy's class four months ago and it's been one of the best decisions I've made for my physical and mental health. The fundamentals course gave me a great introduction into LYT and an insight into how it differs from the approaches I'd known prior. Moreover, Poppy managed to create a safe and supportive environment from the very first weeks, which was a key factor for me. She is a very positive and enthusiastic, but also demanding and professional teacher. Each class is very different and poses new challenges, however I'm excited, not scared, to see what challenge is awaiting us each week. What's important is that there is no judgment here and everybody works at their own pace while still feeling the progress we've made as a group. I can truly recommend this course - your body (and mind) will thank you for this."


"I like the LYT method very much and the way Poppy teaches it. 

The small size of the group is very beneficial to every beginner as Poppy can immediately spot exercises that are done incorrectly and correct them. This helps to directly memorize the exercise the right way. 

Since doing LYT Yoga, I did not feel the need to have a back massage (which I always felt before).

I can actually feel that my core and other muscles are well trained now!

Poppy is a great teacher as she has deep knowledge of the human body combined with a motivational way to teach and a lot of positive energy."


"The program was a nice all-round program for the complete body. I particularly liked that every session had a different focus on certain parts of the body while we were learning the basic Yoga flow. I really liked Poppy's encouraging style of teaching and her constantly positive and motivating guidance.

This course brings more attention  and awareness to our posture and concentrates on the muscles that shall keep our spine in a neutral position. We learned the Yoga flows in a manageable way for an average person and we did not try to do it the way advance Yogis do."

- KAI -

I love the LYT Method because it is based on the principles of physical therapy.

I love the way how Poppy explain the yoga poses to get an understanding of the benefits for the body. 

I love to watch myself paying more attention to my posture now. 

I love the direct feedback on our practicing in our yoga sessions, and Poppy's advices when we have particular pains from working all day on the desk job are really helps a lot.

I love the small group of students. 

I love Poppy's positive vibes!



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