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Glejita Yoga


Glejita is my middle name given by my father, it's a combination of my brother, father and my mother's name.


My passion about safe, smart and detailed yoga teaching, have driven me to establish Glejita Yoga community in 2019 and also continuing my education about functional movement and deeper understanding about anatomy from LYT Yoga® method which created by a Physical Therapist, Lara Heimann.


This has been my dream to create a wonderful and fun community which supports each other to get healthier and stronger on and off the mat and become a strong "squad" online and offline.

In our new studio, every class will only have a small group of people, so every students will have more connection to another and I can give more attention to each student.


H! My name is Poppy,

I was born and raised in Indonesia, and lived in Germany since 2011.

Movement has been my passion since I was a child. I was a professional Indonesian traditional dancer, a member of the Highschool Cheerleader squad, and a Taekwondo Coach for elementary students. 

The first time I went to a yoga class was in 2002 in Spain, and I fell in love. I took my first yoga certification of Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga in Dublin.

I continue my education in summer 2020 by taking level one LYT® Yoga Method Teacher Training and move forward to take level two certification (three hundreds hours). I have completed and certified all three modules and received the level two certification in October 2021. 

I teach LYT®Yoga method in my studio in Sulzbach (Taunus) Germany and I also teach online for those who live around the world.

If you live near by, join me and our wonderful and strong community which support each other on and off the mat.

You also can find me teaching in LYT Yoga online platform.

I hope to see you in Glejita Yoga 

community to have fun, get healthier and stronger together.